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Great websites for cash back and sale alerts! - ~Mama Frugalista~
For the Savvy Shopping Modern Mom

User: mamafrugalista (posted by mama410)
Date: 2009-08-24 21:26
Subject: Great websites for cash back and sale alerts!
Security: Public
ShopatHome.com never fails to amaze me!  I am generally wary about downloading anything to my PC, but this toolbar (which can be hidden also) tracks what you buy online and gives you amazing cash back deals on your purchases!  The cash back percentages vary from day to day, and can be as high as 20%.  The site does not require your credit card number in order to track your purchases.  I honestly tend to forget about it until I see the icon, double click on it, and see how much my savings have added up!  Payment is sent to you via check.

ShopItToMe.com is a customizable site that lets you pick and choose what store sales get sent to you via email, and how often.  You can also choose your size, clothing type, shoe type, etc. etc. etc. in order to whittle down what you're looking at into just what you want and need!  There is also a referral program where you can earn giftcards.  Please send me a message if you're signing up for this site, and I will email and invite you!

MyGroceryDeals.com is a site that consolidates all of the weekly grocery ads you're accustomed to paging through into one online shopping list experience.  Just check off what you want, it saves to your shopping list, and even adds up the total spent and the total saved.  Multiple stores can print on one list, but are kept separate to avoid confusion.  This site has made my life tremendously better!
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