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Welcome! - ~Mama Frugalista~
For the Savvy Shopping Modern Mom

User: mamafrugalista (posted by mama410)
Date: 2009-08-24 21:04
Subject: Welcome!
Security: Public
Tags:coupons, frugal, groceries, grocery shopping, kids, moms, motherhood, parenting, saving time, savings, thrifty
I am so very excited to start this community!  It is my dream to share ideas on how to save money without compromising your way of life.  I am a big believer in getting what you want, but never paying full price!  I love passing on information to anyone that I can about the ways that I achieve that goal, and after a few years of doing so, I decided to open up to the public as well!

blog: mamafrugalista.wordpress.com

website that I write for: www.busymommy.us

article on saving money while grocery shopping: http://busymommy.us/frugalmommy/groceryshopping/818-saving-money-on-your-grocery-bill-make-your-shopping-smart-and-thrifty

Any of your money or time saving ideas are welcome here!
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